Sunday, September 11, 2005

Learning to sew.

My mother-in-law makes patchwork quilts. When I first started going out with Dan she amazed me with her creations! I was inspired but my total inability to sew was a bit of a stumbling block. Well I've finally worked it out and have started a few quilt projects of my own.

I think it started when my mother bought a new sewing machine. It is a nice portable one (Janome) that's easy to use and to borrow! Her old one was a huge clunky Singer that was attached to a big heavy table - industrial strength. I started by making some pillow cases for Dante (smaller than normal size) and then some sheets for his bed at school.

Then we went to one of those quilt and craft shows at Darling Harbour and I was blown away by the quilts that we saw - there was even one made by a five year old boy. It was pretty simple, but excellent considering who made it! I certainly couldn't have done anything like that when I was that age.

After some visits to Spotlight and some web research I had a design idea. Dan's mother bought me some tools - a rotary cutter, mat and ruler - and gave me a sewing machine of my own for Christmas! Since then I've been reading lots of quilting books, making lots of visits to Spotlight and other patchwork fabric shops and planning new quilts. I've now got several projects lined up and in progress. Question is - will I ever get around to making (and completing) them? I've finished piecing my very first top and have almost finished putting it all together. I've got lots of other projects ready to go - I've just got to wash and iron the fabrics first.

I need to use all this fabric that I'm constantly buying! I feel like I need to justify the purchase of new fabrics by actually making use of them, and then I can start buying more! I've put a ban on buying material at the moment until I have a proper need for some.

Perhaps when I finally finish some of my quilts I'll post some pictures of them.