Saturday, July 31, 2010

Today's plan

Today we were hoping to get out to the Biennale since tomorrow's the last day. But looking at the weather radar this morning:

I think that plan is out the window (the blue/white/yellow bits are rain). I went during the school holidays with Atti and Elora. On an iffy sort of day, weather-wise. Iffy until we got there, that is. And the skies opened up and we were miserable and wet, no, soaked, and Atti said "I don't want to go to Cockatoo Island ever again" when we got home. Not doing that again!

So I've finally started to get cracking on the oliver+s Ice Cream Dress as part of Amy and Kate's Ice Cream Social.

I only decided to participate at the last minute. Of course by then patterns had sold out. I finally got mine yesterday so I'm starting one day after the finish. D'oh! But that's okay. I've had plenty of time to admire all the work of everyone else and boy are there some prolific sewers (sewists? people who sew?) out there!

I'm thinking of just making View C for now - less work involved (no pockets) meaning it will get done more quickly.

I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ikea hacker

Whee! I submitted a simple ikea hack and it was published. Go and see my iPad stand which cost a whole $10 for two stands. You beauty.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

WIP Wednesday and a pattern of sorts

It's school holidays this week and next week. I'm at work for a full day since the boys are at vacation care and I don't have to collect them until 5pm. (Well, actually I have to collect them before 5pm but I like to leave it as long as possible... I normally finish at 2:30pm on Wednesdays). They're at "art classes" as Atti calls it - vacation care at a Creative Arts centre. Atti went yesterday and made an incredible artwork. More on that another day when I can get a photo!

So since I've got a little bit of spare time I thought I'd participate in this thing out there in the craft blog world called WIP Wednesday (WIP = Work In Progress)... I'm not sure who/where the originator is, sorry.

Heh. My LIFE is a work in progress, but I guess you're more interested in something crafty*. Last post I mentioned a soft ripple blanket that I unsuccessfully started at a craft get-together. Finally I've managed to make some headway and even take some pictures.

It's very long, or wide, depending on how you look at it. I just measured it and it's roughly 5 feet long. Nearly as tall as me. I still haven't counted the number of stitches. I guess I could calculate it...

I also decided that it'll probably end up being used with the stripes running vertically instead of horizontally. Neat idea, huh? And if I'm ever so inclined I can always add to it. The beauty of crochet!

The basic pattern, if you wish to replicate:

1st row: Chain [multiple of 14] + 1

2nd row: 1 Double crochet in second chain from hook. 5DC in each of the next 5 chains. *[2DC in the following one chain (an increase - this is the "bump" in the ripple). 6DC in the each of the next 6 chains, skip one chain (a decrease - this is the "valley" in the ripple), 6 DC in each of the next 6 DCs]. Repeat from * until you get to the end of the row. 1DC in the remaining chain.

3rd row. Turn. Repeat the 2nd row, working into the FRONT of each DC only (only one piece of yarn on your hook, not two).

You'll find that your "bumps" will not line up vertically - they'll be offset by one stitch. I quite liked that idea. Makes it a softer curve - the peaks are not too sharp. You should be doing your double DC in the first, right-most of the doubles in the previous row. Does that make sense??

Have fun. Feel free to email me if you have any questions! Or find an error. I'm really just guessing at numbers... Eep!

* Not this sort of crafty, mind you. (A little bit unsafe for kids, this video. But hilarious and rude!)