Friday, January 21, 2005

Cloth nappies

I've just spent the last two days researching cloth nappies. Dan and I had our first antenatal refresher course on Monday and both picked up a brochure from a place called Modern Nappies. It was most educational. Most people's idea of cloth nappies are the typical terry-towelling squares which are big an bulky as well as cheap PVC pants/covers that you put over them. They smell, they leak and give the kid nappy rash. And you've got to soak them in lot of horrible chemicals and it's a lot of work. That was my impression, anyway. Nappy services take away a lot of the washing, but there's still the leaking problem.

Well, not any more. Now people use Hemp and Fleece fabrics which are really absorbent (the former) and water-resistant (the latter)... there's this new fabric called PUL as well which is water-proof but still breathable! And you can buy or make fitted nappies, so they're more like disposables in that you don't need to fold them in a particular way... They also say that they don't leak, especially compared to disposables, which definitely do leak (especially the cheaper brands). My head was in a spin after finding out all the possibilities out there. A good place to start reading is All About Nappies. (Note: these links are all Aussie-centric).

I'm quite keen to start using them (when the baby finally arrives, that is... why isn't he/she here yet??). I did a bunch of looking and I've decided to get some Tots Bots terry nappies, and some Hemp ones. Just a few to try them out - they're not a cheap option. About $25 per nappy! Although you'd make your money back soon enough.

Anyway, that's what I wanted to say about Cloth Nappies. I'm a convert and I haven't even received my packages yet. I felt really bad for using disposables with my first kid, so this makes me feel a lot happier!

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Some funny things

I was sent this today. It's a pretty funny LOTR parody (a couple of animated gifs). Part one. Part two. I think it's been circulating the web, as these things do, so you may have seen it already.

Another blog which I enjoy reading is John Howard's one. It's a good read, but hasn't been updated for a couple of months.

And so it begins...

After seeing that my big brother has a blog I decided to follow in his footsteps and create one as well. Anyway, I'm at home on maternity leave (since Christmas) so I've got some time on my hands.

I'm currently 38 and a half weeks' pregnant. This is my second child. My first is a lovely 3 year old boy called Dante. He has his own website which I haven't updated for a long long time. Perhaps I will get around to it soon! Dante was born three weeks early, so he would have been a week and a half old by now. It's been frustrating that this second child hasn't come early. I really expected him/her to! My father keeps telling me "maybe tonight", but so far he hasn't been right. My mother has been helpful, though. Yesterday she decided that enough was enough and has started taking me on walks in the morning. Not too long, but exhausting enough for me! Especially since I'm carrying an extra 15kgs! Today's walk was particularly trying as the outside temperature is 30 degrees (Celsius). There is a nice path along a river near my house so it's quite pleasant walking with my Ma, despite the heat.

Well, I'll write more later - should get some work done around the house. If I don't write again soon, it could be because I'm at the hospital, giving birth. That would be nice (sort of). It also could be just because I'm lazy. I often like to start new projects and then never finish them.