Thursday, July 28, 2005

Argh! I'm so lazy.

At the beginning of this year (and this blog) I was so keen on using cloth nappies on my babe. I did a lot of research into it and decided that it was a great way to go. Argh. Six months later and I've given up already. It is very disheartening.

Why did I stop using them?

I think the main problem was that I didn't have enough to use them constantly. I really only had enough fitted cloth nappies for a day and not enough covers. I'd use them for a day or so, then go back to disposables for a few days while the cloth ones dried. I wanted to buy more but the initial expense is just too high. Another problem was that they'd come off the line really rough - like sandpaper. Although I've solved that last problem - wash on a delicate cycle and use vinegar in the rinse!

Another thing was the size of his bottom! Clothes these days aren't really designed for big bottomed babies - i had trouble getting them to fit - but I guess that's easy to solve by getting bigger clothes!

So the final excuse is my laziness. I couldn't be bothered with the washing. Lame, Jen, lame. Well, I've convinced myself. Tomorrow I'll start using them again! I'll let you know in a few days when I haven't stuck to my guns.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

As I was saying...

I didn't actually complete the last entry in my blog, but posted it anyway... I was saying that I am often too ambitious, especially when it comes to organising parties! There were so many people that I wanted to invite to Atty's Mun Yit... I just went crazy. And then was majorly stressed out when the time came to organise it all. In the end we had about 70 people come. My parents, Dan's mother and her friend Laurel were amazing in helping me get it together. Everyone had heaps to eat and was happy. The only thing I regret is not thinking more about the speech. As soon as it was over I thought of a million and one clever, witty things to say. Typical, isn't it! Perhaps I'll post them here some day.

So, the last time I wrote in this blog my second son was turning four weeks old. Tomorrow he turns half a year old! Six months. Obviously I've not done much computer-wise in the last five months. In fact, when I look around and think about what I've actually done, there's not much to show. Except for a very healthy and large six month old baby boy who has grown to over 8kgs on nothing but breast milk. I find that amazing.

And tomorrow we embark on a new era in Atticus' life - SOLIDS! He has been keen for a while - watching us eat with eager eyes. Actually it has felt a bit cruel, eating in front of him. Well tomorrow he will get his first teaspoon of rice cereal. I have a feeling that it won't be enough but we will still take it slowly. My father is very excited by the thought. Ever since I bought the packet of cereal he's been asking me when I'm going to give it to him. This afternoon he asked me again. When I answered "tomorrow" he wanted to know what time! I have a feeling that he wants to feed the boy :-)

Anyway, that's all I will write for this entry. I'll try to get back into it again soon, hopefully. There's lots that I want to say.