Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Today's culinary lessons

1. Tang + tea = orangey tea. Okay, but nothing really special. Maybe I needed more Tang.

2. Tang + tea + milk = BAD NEWS! The milk curdled. Really badly. Who would have thought it? It smelled horrid, too!

(I've been busy, as you can see)

Monday, February 09, 2009


My dear husband created this poster using the "Wanted" application on his iPhone.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Incredible tragedy

I talk about the heat and how inconvenient it is to us here in Sydney... it got up to 42°C in the west, about 35°C here in the 'burbs. But I really shouldn't complain.

Tonight my heart goes out to those in Victoria. An unbelievable number of lives lost in incredible bush fires that ran out of control yesterday. Worse than anything I've ever seen.

Read about it in the smh.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

First week

The first week of school for the year has ended. It's been an exhausting one - the heat hasn't helped.

Dante is now in Yr 3/4 (actually year 3). We're much happier with the (male) teacher he has this year. I hope this year will see some improvement in his school work and behaviour. Last year was pretty much a write off due to a part-time teacher who wasn't as organised as we would have liked.

Atticus turned 4 a little over a week ago!! We had a low key celebration at home with just my parents, as it was just after Australia Day and just before he was about to start pre-school. I'm planning on having a big party in a couple of weeks and inviting the whole class so that the kids can get to know each other better and the parents, too.

Yep, Atti also started pre-school. This is a big thing for us. It's almost like he's starting Kindergarten which is the first year of full time schooling here in New South Wales. Pre-school is the year prior to Kindy. So Atti has left the safe surrounds of child care and started at the Big School where his brother goes. Was he nervous? Was he anxious? NOT A BIT! He loves the place. We sent him for the full five days this week so that he can get to know the other children and the daily routine. He is utterly exhausted but every day ran into his room with a smile on his face and not a backward glance. I'm so proud of him. He even seems to have matured so much in this past week! His speech and language have come along. The concepts that he comes up with are much more complicated, too. I can't believe how much he has grown (although physically he hasn't increased in height since I last measured him in November).

Elora is back at child care, having moved to the camp bed instead of the cot! Incredibly, she is one of the biggest kids in the Nursery there now! My little girl! She turns two in a couple of weeks, and has already started her tantrum throwing (sort of) and asserting her independence. She REALLY knows what she wants, that girl. And she really missed not having Atti around this week, especially on her days at home. She asked "Where's Atti?" over and over, all day. The poor thing.

This weekend we have nothing planned (except Dante's Extension Classes - and piano lessons which we haven't confirmed). I think two days of doing nothing, just sleeping and playing, are in order. We'll set up the kiddie pool and try to stay cool - another two days of 40°C temperatures forecast!