Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Today's culinary lessons

1. Tang + tea = orangey tea. Okay, but nothing really special. Maybe I needed more Tang.

2. Tang + tea + milk = BAD NEWS! The milk curdled. Really badly. Who would have thought it? It smelled horrid, too!

(I've been busy, as you can see)


A Sydney Foodie said...

Ew. Why add milk? Were you trying to get that Taiwanese milk tea type stuff?

Jen said...

I was just experimenting. I don't really like black tea. And it was hot. Milk cools it down :)

It was a bad idea.

wongcr said...

Coffee + Milo == good, Milo is a good choclatty substitute for milk
[hint: good camping trick]

Coffee + Milo + Milk == great. DIY Mocca!

Coffee + Tang == plain weird but drinkable.

Coffee + Milo + milk + tang == REVOLTING. Ends up looking like you spewed the above mixture. Complete with 'bits of carrot' in it.