Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Random stuff from today

Dante came in to work with me this morning due a Stop Work Meeting at all public schools today. He entertained himself with Ben 10 games on the computer, and then we had chocolate cake for morning tea (which I made last night - and almost burnt when I fell asleep on the couch while waiting for it to cook).

My father had a bit of an operation today. We were a smidge worried, just because he had to undergo a general anaesthesia but he came out of it rip roaringly well and my mother had to stop him from carrying buckets of water around (his hobby) when he got home! Funny man :)

And this evening the kids ate their dinner wonderfully, bathed and showered (the latter due to a mishap in the bath... won't go into it suffice to say it wasn't pleasant to clean up) and went to bed without issue. How wonderful that it is dark at bedtime now that daylight savings is over!

And then I went through my wardrobe looking for something to wear to a Fancy Dress wedding we are attending on Saturday night (sans kiddos). I have to say that I am so relieved that the pretty (but modern) cheongsams that I bought when I was in Hainan two years ago fit me again! I've still got to work on this wee pot belly of mine (I'm sure exercising would help somewhat) but otherwise they were okay. Yay! I loved that particular shop and bought two dresses, two shirts and a skirt from there. I would have bought more except i) they were closing, and ii) I ran out of money. I need to find an Australian outlet. I wonder if one exists, and I wonder how much more expensive they will be. One of my dresses cost 398 RMB which is equiv. to $66 Aussie bucks and would easily sell for twice that here. Woohoo! So happy with those purchases, and as I said, so happy that I can wear them!

Will post pictures on the weekend, after the wedding. I think I'll go as a Chinese assassin, or something like that. Dan's going as a Pirate. heh.

Finished off the evening with Dan putting on "samplers" of music from the 1993 Triple J Hottest 100 (he was fixing up their ID3 tags). Boy did that bring back a lot of memories, good and bad. Quite an eventful period of my life - final year of high school and first year of Uni...

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