Saturday, August 08, 2009

The newest family member

I've been going for jogs/walks/runs in the mornings on the weekends lately. We have some great bike paths along the river around this area and it's very pleasant early in the morning with the sun coming up and the birds flitting and squawking.

Last Sunday morning as I headed out I saw a little creature bouncing around. I stopped and it came up and jumped around my feet then wandered off to eat some grass. I continued on my way. An hour later I came back and there it was huddled under a car tire, presumably scared off by someone's dog. So I crawled in, grabbed it by the scruff of its neck and carried it home.

We've decided to call him Flopsy. And I took him to the vet on Thursday when we found out that he definitely is a "he". So now he's Flopsy-boy.

He's very friendly and tame. I think he belonged to a family before us. We did put up signs around the neighbourhood but no-one responded after five days. Apparently people dump unwanted pets in the park all the time. It's very sad. But to be quite honest, we weren't really that unhappy that nobody had claimed him!

Except for the cat. She's not too happy. We haven't told her about her bowl yet, either.


ginevra / red_swirl said...

Ooo, he's lovely (I have a soft spot for rabbits). I bet the kids love him too!!

K said...

Lovely that you found him and brought him home.

Mark said...

Cant wait to give him a cuddle this Sunday. see you at tennis.
Alex will be thrilled.