Friday, May 28, 2010

Henceforth it shall be called "iPad Day"

Dan pre-ordered his new little toy back at the beginning of the month. We discussed the need for it. It would be useful for reading papers for his PhD. Plus, we just wanted one. I talked him into getting the 64Gb one - we can put movies on it for the kids to watch when we are travelling - and from then we just sat back and waited for today. May 28th.

So this morning I arrived at work, knowing that Dan's iPad was in the back of a courier truck making its way to his office. Then I found out that my friend at work actually went to the city and queued to get one, after not pre-ordering it (couldn't decide if he really wanted it)... Then I found out that our local Apple reseller just next to my building had them in stock! They weren't allowed to tell anyone that they had them prior to this morning.

Well, how could I resist? All that hype, all that excitement, no queues, very convenient location, buying from friends... So I grabbed my credit card and headed down there.

Five minutes later I had my very own iPad. Yay me!

Unfortunately Dan didn't get his first thing. So I had to wait until he got his before I could open mine. (Because I'm sweet... and boy was it frustrating! But I probably got more work done anyway!) His didn't come until 4pm. The weekend will be spent setting it up and playing. The kids are beside themselves. Not just one ginormous iPod, but TWO!

Wee! Technology!

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wongcr said...

TWO IPADS! GGggrrrrr....