Friday, November 12, 2010

Work - an update

A few folks have asked me how things are going with the whole work situation. I just thought I'd update y'all.

At the beginning of October we had a big meeting and determined that we would have a month of "data collection" to see just how much work was out there for my colleague and myself. That ended last week. I thought it went quite well. We were quite busy during that time and I managed to enter a fair few number of jobs into the system. We hadn't heard anything about how things were going though.

Then today, just before lunch, the manager asked me if I can attend a meeting with him and the Head of School next Monday at 3pm. Just the three of us. No indication of why, but anyone with a bit of a brain (which surprisingly includes me!) can guess that it's about "The Restructure" and my Women's Intuition tells me it ain't gonna be good news.

So, yeah. I'm about to head off on a "girl's weekend" with some other mothers from the kids' school. 48 hours of child-free, husband-free leisure time in a freshly renovated historic house in the Southern Highlands. And instead of relaxing, now it will be a stress-filled teeth-clenching grey-hair-making two day wait to find out if I have a job or not. What timing.


Jaime said...

Fingers crossed it's good news! Holding good thoughts for you Jen.

Shanathalas said...

Try not to stress too much Jen. Things happen for a reason. Monday could be good or bad news.

Honestly, if you want to keep this job, there are lot of avenues available to you to help you fight for it.

Hugs :)

Shanathalas said...

Any follow up to this? What's the news? What are your plans?

A Sydney Foodie said...

Thinking of you jen. *hugs*