Monday, March 07, 2011


I've always been a bit of a world champion when it comes to putting things off. Seriously. My entire life I've never been able to shake this undesirable trait.

But I feel like today, this week, this month, it's getting a bit ridiculous. I've been trying to write my resume for four weeks now. At least. I have a shell but no details. The clock is ticking. I have ten weeks to find a new job.

Normally when I have something that big and important I find other more interesting big and urgent things to do. Like sewing quilts or knitting booties for newly arrived babies. Or any other craft.

However I'm so deep into my procrastination rut that I'm even putting off the fun stuff. Instead this weekend I did laundry. Every single item of dirty clothing or bedding washed, hung out to dry, folded and put away in cupboards. All in two days. Unprecedented.

The kitchen is clean. Dishes done and put away. I have even done the dishes from tonight already.

I rearranged some furniture in Elora's room. I vacuumed. I ironed. The house would be spotless if it wasn't for the very busy, very chaotic, very efficient little munchkins who reside in the house. And their three cousins who visited yesterday (but they did all get along so marvellously while they created havoc).

At least it's productive procrastination, right? Maybe I'll get onto the resume tomorrow.


A Sydney Foodie said...

Oh Jen. :-(. Think of it as an investment in YOU. If you spend 3 hours on it today, then you can go off and do something fun. Maybe write about projects you've been involved in, maybe product rollouts or transitions or similar. Any initiatives that you've done? Break it down into small little bits and reward yourself after each one. Good luck!

Shanathalas said...

Do you want some help? I'm great at writing resumes.

Just start by not worrying about it and just put all the details down, but don't worry about wording or formatting. I am happy to take a look at your first draft and make suggestions

Suzy said...

I can so relate to this. I am the WORST procratinator. I know it's bad when I start tidying the cupboard under the stairs.

Having said that, when I do make myself tackle whatever I'm putting off it's usually not as bad as I think... you just have to make yourself start. Can you take the laptop and a print out of your CV to a coffee shop (one with no wifi!) and give yourself a couple of hours just to brainstorm and jot things down? At least when you have a first draft you have something to work with.

Good luck!! x