Saturday, August 12, 2006

Almost back to normal

I've been silent on this blog for almost two weeks now - sorry everyone! I've had a good reason... illness. First it was Atti's ear infection (which caused the fever which caused the convulsion). He was on antibiotics and seemed to be getting better, although the first night back from hospital he cried, no, howled for almost two hours during the night. Nothing we did could calm him down until we gave him some panadol for the pain.

Sunday morning he kindly vomited all over his bed, and thereafter was a vomiting/diarrhea machine. We thought that maybe it was just the antibiotics, until Daniel came down with it on Tuesday morning. Then that night so did my mother. Then me (well, I managed to avoid the violent excretions (from both ends) but had the pain and nausea and utter exhaustion). Then I found out that two of my nieces had it (the family were over for a big lunch on Sunday). I think we must have picked up some nasty, very contagious gastro bug when we stayed in hospital - nasty, diseased places!!

Poor Atti just got worse during the week. He couldn't hold down even water at one stage. We had to limit him to the tiniest sips and he complained quite a lot at times because he was really thirsty. However most of the time he just slept - up to 17 hours some days. I was terribly worried about him. Meanwhile we adults were feeling miserable and ill as well. Thank goodness Dante managed to stay afloat during the week, and my father too.

Thursday evening Atti started perking up. He managed to eat some more and keep most of it in. We took him to the hospital for an EEG in the morning (and he threw up in the car on the way to Dante's school) but by the afternoon he was ravenous! He was walking around (somewhat unsteadily) and demanding "more, more" of everything. It was such a relief to see him like that. I went out for drinks (meant to be dinner but I couldn't stomach it) with some old school friends that evening. I was terribly worried about Dan and the kids, but they managed very well and I had a good evening out... I needed to get away from the kids for a couple of hours!

Friday and today, Atticus seems to be making up for lost time. He has been eating constantly. "Bis, bis" (biscuit), "rin" (mandarin), "boota" (water), "minna" (dinner) have been his staple words today. (He's still working on his consonants!) The only down sides to the weekend have been that my father finally succumbed to the lurgy yesterday afternoon, and Dante is now showing signs of it!

If things go well, Atti should be ready for child care on Monday. I think he'll be happy to go back as he's getting bored at home. I know that I'm ready for him to go to child care! Not so sure about going to work myself, though... *grin*. It's been nice (even through the illness!) being at home for the last week and a half. Although I have been getting a bit stir crazy and cranky these last couple of days!

Oh, and in other news, we ended up not entering the City to Surf (which is on tomorrow!), quite fortuitously it turns out. We meant to, but the day I was meant to give our forms to my brother was the first day that Atti was sick and I wasn't able to meet him at work. Even though Atti is on the mend now, I really don't think we could have handled the 14km walk in the morning!

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