Thursday, August 03, 2006


Just a quick post before I crash out. We're home at last. After Dante's fever on Monday, Atticus came down sick on Tuesday evening. Wednesday I stayed home with him and he ended up having yet another febrile convulsion (that's three now!). So off to the hospital we went, and had to stay overnight for observation. Blargh. The poor kid. Dante was picked up from school by Auntie Bec today and had a miserable day - he was so quiet that he actually got an award card for it!!

So now we're home. I'm going to have my first proper meal in 24 hrs and then off to bed, I think. And it looks like I'll probably have two unhappy, unwell kids at home tomorrow!


Shannon said...

You guys must be so worried! I hope both the boys are feeling better soon.

Get some rest :)

evelyn said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Atticus. This must be really worrying for you and Dan. Hope everything turns out to be ok and just *one of those things* in a completely harmless fashion