Monday, July 31, 2006

Poor sick kid

Yesterday's antics in the sun and wind must have been too much for my poor little five-year-old. He had a terrible fever and headache when we got home and pretty much went to bed straight away. He's been home from school today and spent the entire morning lying in bed looking flushed and feeling ill.

I, on the other hand, have had a lovely morning back-dating blog posts (look down the page!!) and uploading photos to flickr. It's frightfully windy outside and I am freezing (why is our house so cold?) but otherwise feeling well.

It's now 2pm and Dante has had some warm chicken soup and is feeling much better, judging by the way he's been talking my head off. He has even ventured downstairs and is currently sitting at his craft table drawing pictures of robots, and waiting for ABC Kids to come on TV. I've been told that when kids are at home sick you need to make sure they have a really boring day in bed so they won't enjoy themselves too much and start feigning illness just to stay at home. I figure a little bit of television won't be too bad, since he is actually sick. But we'll see how things go.

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