Saturday, July 15, 2006

Soaking wet!

It was pouring rain today. Bucketing down. And Dante's soccer match was still on!

I called up the coach this morning to find out if it was on - he told me it was. It wasn't raining really hard at that stage, and we thought that perhaps it wasn't raining over the park we were going to. But as we drove closer and closer, the rain didn't stop. In fact, it got heavier and heavier! We passed another field on the way, and were shocked to see some under-6s matches (or young kids, anyway) underway. The poor kids were soaked.

We got to our destination, and there was our coach, looking relieved to see us. By that stage it was bucketing down. Dan got out and talked to him - Yes! the match was still on! So he took Dante out to the change rooms (with Dante exclaiming "But I don't want to get rained on!"). And the match went ahead. Dante was goalie - at least he had a long sleeve shirt to wear. Only five kids on our team turned up for the match. That's four on the field plus Dante, the goalie. The other team had the full complement of six plus goal keeper (plus reserves).

By the end of the match, all the kids, the coaches and the referee were drenched. And even with a limited team, we still managed to kick their asses! 7-nil! Dante managed to stop one goal.

By the way, Atticus and I stayed snug and warm in the car the entire time. Gosh we have a lot of junk in there - I managed to give it a bit of a clean out, but there was enough stuff left to keep our little boy busy and happy for the entire hour. What a champion!

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wulf said...

Congrats on kicking the other teams ass. Also big congrats to stopping a goal for Dante. I remember when I was goalie for 10 matches for one of my school teams and I know how hard it can be.

If its raining soccer is ALWAYS on :)