Sunday, July 23, 2006

Two weeks until we spill the beans

Dan and I had a good long talk last night - I've been feeling a bit down... sick of feeling sick, and unhappy about the weight I've been putting on (I know, I know - it's not a terrible lot of kg, but I don't like it nonetheless). Scared about looking after three kids. Sad that my poor little Atti won't be "the baby" anymore.

Dan said that he was happy if I wanted to tell people about the baby now, instead of waiting like we'd planned... so that I can get a bit more sympathy for my tiredness! I thought about it, but decided against telling my folks right away. I'd prefer to make a big announcement with all our family around, rather than just leak it out to whoever's around.

So I spoke to my mother. "Hey, Mama," I said. "Why don't we get all the brothers and their families over next Sunday fortnight (next tennis day) for lunch? We haven't had a big family get-together in a while."
"Hmm.. okay. Yeh, that's a good idea," she replied.
"What's the occasion? Who's birthday is it?" My father wanted to know.
"She just wants to see her brothers," my ma told him.

And that's that! We'll invite Dan's mother and sister over, too. And let everyone know over an informal family lunch. I'm looking forward to it. I'm wondering how many "I thought so"s I'll get!

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