Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sounds of a Saturday morning

Did 5 loads of washing this morning (and last night). Wow - we are a dirty bunch. The wet and cold weather over the last two weeks hadn't helped much either. It was such a relief to see the empty laundry baskets.

As I was hanging up all those clothes, I was taken aback by the wonderful sounds of a sunny Saturday morning in the suburbs.

I could hear the whistles, shouts and cheers of the parents and kids playing soccer in the park (including Dante, whose team won yet again).

The myriad of bird calls all around... Rainbow lorikeets flying overhead. A willy wagtail in the neighbour's tree calling out and shaking his tail. Two black crows cawing in the distance. A very persistant magpie sitting on the TV antenna of a house, singing so sweetly.

The muted roar of planes flying overhead, far away.

The cats greeting me and growling at each other.

It was a really pleasant morning.

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