Friday, July 14, 2006

Cacophony at the station

Dan stayed home home with the boys today while I went to work, it being the last Friday of the school holidays. I caught the train in and home so that he could have the car.

When I walked out of the train station on my way home, I was hit by a wall of sound coming from the trees above and around the Square. It was deafening! When I called up for my lift home, Dan could barely hear me on the phone.

I looked up and couldn't believe my eyes. There were hundreds and hundreds of rainbow lorikeets roosting in the trees, flying around and making a racket! What a din! I've never seen, or heard, so many birds in my life. I just stopped in my tracks and stared. A few other people did so, too, but most people just ignored it - I'm guessing it must happen on a regular basis.

I wish I'd had my camera to take some pictures of them, but the light was quite dim so they probably wouldn't have turned out anyway. And a picture doesn't capture the intense noise that they created. It was simply amazing, and fantastic, too!

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