Sunday, July 09, 2006

Training up

My brother, Chris, and his wife, Pris, have decided to join in the City to Surf fun run which is held every year in Sydney. It is a 14km route, from the city to Bondi Beach, and has a particularly gruelling steep section, affectionately known as "Heartbreak Hill". About 60,000 people participate and it is the "largest timed fun run in the World" (from the History page of its website).

Well, Chris and Pris invited the rest of their siblings to come along and since they are taking their daughter Abi in the jogger pram I decided that I'll enter, too, and take Atti! I spoke to Dan about it and he thought it sounded like an interesting idea and said that he would like to come. I'm not sure if my other brothers are going to come, too, but it could turn out to be a big family thing.

It's not an easy walk - 14km is quite a distance. I think the average time is about two or three hours - the winners do it in 40 (male) - 45 (female) minutes. I was keen to bring Dante, too, but we're still thinking about that one.

To train up, we've started going for long walks to our local shops on the weekends. There's a lovely bike path along the Cooks River here in Sydney and we take that for most of the way. It takes us about 45 min. walking at a slow-medium pace with Dante. We've done it twice now, and it has been fun (except for Dante complaining that he's tired/hungry/thirsty all the time, hence our deliberation on whether to bring him on the Big Race). Atticus loves going out in the pram. He is so happy when he sees us bringing it out and often tries climbing into it himself because he's in such a hurry. We're lucky that the weather has been very kind to us - not hot but not too cold, and lovely and sunny.

I have also stopped using the lift at work (unless I have a trolley or something heavy to carry)! It hasn't been that hard to adjust - I know I should have done this a long time ago. There are lots of nutritionists and nutrition-related people in my building and one of the professors actually requested once in a Board Meeting that
people stop using the lifts and walk more! I was feeling very proud of myself all last week, except for one afternoon when I wasn't feeling well and caught the lift to level 8 (the top floor). I did walk back downstairs, though!

And this morning, to keep with the fitness training, I went to dragon boat training! I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I used to participate in this sport quite a lot, with my brother, Tim, and his wife, Janet. I stopped when I was pregnant with Atticus, and have only been back once or twice for a paddle. I would love to get back into it and train more seriously, but it's a bit hard on Dan, having to mind the kids all the time. Training once a week on a Sunday morning would be okay, though, I think... It's a great sport - you sit down! No running involved! It's wonderful being out on the water, with views of the city and the Glebe Island Bridge behind (or in front) of us. I know my shoulders will probably hurt tomorrow, but it was great to be back in the boat for a little while.

So now we have about 5 weeks to prepare (and enter) the race. I'll keep you posted with how it goes!

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