Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Our first Parent-Teacher interview

We had our first official formal Parent-Teacher interview today! I was so excited about it, and have been all week.

As we expected, our son is an absolute GENIUS. heheh...

He is doing very well in the Maths and Reading departments. The teacher said that he is still happy to be doing the Kindergarten workbook but he finishes the tasks very quickly and gets extra worksheets while the other kids catch up. I have to brag, don't I? His Maths skills blow me away. He first started adding numbers before he even turned three. I couldn't believe it. He just grasped the concept immediately and was using his fingers to do simple sums. Now he can do addition, subtraction, simple multiplication and division by 2 (halving numbers). And he's only half way through Kindy!! His reading has really come along in the last four weeks, too. So much that we cannnot read to him at night these days - he must read to us. What a champion.

Of course, he still has a lot to learn in some areas. His "listening skills" still need work... his communication skills are excellent in that (as his teacher said) "he can talk to anyone about anything", but he's not so good at stopping and listening to what other people have to say. Hmm... too busy thinking of what to say next!

Plus he's still having trouble with the whole idea of doing what the teacher says, when the teacher says it. He tends to have a bit of a tantrum (although she said he hasn't had any recently) and argues with the teacher if he doesn't want to do a particular task right now. Oh well, we all know what it feels like, and hopefully he'll work out how to get on with things quickly and quietly so there'll be more time to do the things he likes afterwards. It's what life's all about, really, isn't it?

But then again, he is still young. Not even five and a half yet. It's hard to remember that sometimes, especially when he comes out with some pretty complex ideas. The teacher was very pleased with his progress and not at all worried about his behaviour - "he'll just learn it as he gets older," she told us. I was so pleased with the interview. It's a relief to hear that your kid is doing fairly well and settling in!

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