Sunday, February 24, 2008

A year old

Look at that charming little thing in pink. She turned one last week. That last year has sped by. It's been fun. Not every moment of it, but mostly.

And now look at her. Not quite walking by herself. Almost there. Definitely climbing and cruising and hassling her brothers and chasing after the cats. She waves, blows kisses, asks for "More?" all the time, loves her Arrowroot biscuits ("bih?") and is her Grandfather's girl, all right.

We didn't have a big party for her birthday. I felt guilty, as usual, since both boys had biggish dos. But we were totally partied out. My dad's 75th in December. Then Christmas. Then a stressful January settling Elora into child care and returning to work, then Atti's birthday, then Chinese New Year, then... So we took all the grandparents out to yum cha and that was it. No cake, no singing, no cousins. (Although, it happened to be my mother's birthday that day so my brothers took her out to dinner that evening. We gave it a miss since it was a school night.)

And her birthday present? Three needles in the thighs. Poor thing!

Forgive me, Elora! We'll make it up to you when you're older.

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