Monday, February 04, 2008

A successful week

For the past few weeks I have been really dreading going back to work. I think I've mentioned it before.

Well, it's been a week now and things are going really well. I thought I'd be utterly exhausted every evening but I haven't been. I've been tired, but not overly so. And during the day instead of being stressed and overwhelmed, I've actually been the opposite. Energised and relaxed. I think it's the change of pace. No kids to worry about (as much). Different people to talk to. Things to make my brain work.

Also, today I really felt settled, like I hadn't been away for a year. Amazing how quickly that happened. I feel useful and productive again. I hope this feeling lasts!

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becstarr said...

I've definitely felt like it's taken me quite some time to start to feel that real comfort and integration in my job. I guess my situation is different in that I switched teams rather than went on leave, but in many ways the dislocation is similar (I think).

It is an amazing feeling when the "I'm really a part of this" sensation starts to come back!