Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mat leave craft round-up

I didn't have big plans when I went on maternity leave this time around but I wanted to achieve at least a little bit of crafty stuff.

So, in the past year this is what I made. I'm pretty pleased that I was able to accomplish as much as I did. Not a spectacular amount, not as much as some others out there, but not bad for an amateur, a beginner, and a major procrastinator!

Quilts completed: 0
Quilts almost completed: 1 (Christian's quilt - awaiting binding)
Quilts started and in progress: 2 (The two other boys' quilts)

Objects completed: 1 (Elora's wrap cardigan)
Objects started and in progress: 2 (another wrap cardigan and a jumper for me)

1 skirt successfully altered
3 pairs pants/shorts for Elora
Numerous pants taken up (for Dante and Dan)
2 dresses made for Elora (polar fleece one and the cookie bag dress)
1 bag made for me!(Tiny Happy tutorial)
4 aprons for child care teachers
In progress: Atti's child care bed sheets (bag embroidered, assembly needed)

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