Monday, January 28, 2008

Aussie Day long weekend

What's that blur? You might ask.
Well, it is Billy Bragg live on stage at the Metro Theatre in Sydney. It was taken with Dan's mobile phone camera, and a lot better than the ones I took with my phone!
Yep, we had a night out. Got Dan's sister to come and baby sit (with help from my mother and Dan's mother, too). And we had a most delightful evening out seeing my most favourite singer/songwriter in the world. We even got to catch some of the support act, kept secret as a surprise who turned out to be The Nightwatchman (Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine doing his folk solo stuff). So great!

It did make me feel old, though. Billy's been around for many years, well before I even knew what folk/rock music was. I've liked him since 1991*. His audience is fairly varied but I reckon the median age would have been 35-ish. I always enjoy watching the crowds at gigs. (And I love this new law which bans smoking inside venues and pubs. Clear air! Not coming home stinking of smoke!) Billy Bragg gigs certainly do have an interesting and varied audience. But anyway, it felt absolutely wonderful to get out to a gig. Happy, happy, joy, joy.

[* I remember the first time I heard of him. I was at Circular Quay with some friends and we were chatting to a cute British busker (as teenage girls in a pack do, right?) and he was really keen for us to request Billy Bragg. We didn't. We requested REM. But then he played his song anyway.]

The following day we had "just a small family lunch" to celebrate Atti's birthday. Three years old! I didn't want to do anything big. Was actually thinking of just having a cake for afternoon tea. But then, you know how things go...

Small family lunch = huge roast dinner for 20 people. That's the way we do things over here.

Atti was absolutely delighted! When the cake was set down in front of him with three candles he grinned ecstatically, so pleased with everything. We had a paddling pool in the back yard and the kids had a grand time. Ice-creams were et and fun was had. It was a very pleasant afternoon. His best present was a kitchen set and toy food from Grandma. The kids (mine and their cousins) had to be dragged away from it at the end of the day. So perfect for him at the moment. I bought some of those wooden "cutting" food items (stuck together with velcro) and they were a great hit, too. I have to say that the cutting simulation is very satisfying. :) (Elora was asleep at the time so missed out on being in the photo.)

The cake. Blueberry butter cake (I try to avoid chocolate cakes for kids this age) from a Bill Granger recipe. Doesn't look like much, but tasted divine hot out of the oven with a good dollop of King Island Cream. Yum. I made it all by myself. It almost ended in disaster because I didn't have the oven hot enough, but it worked out in the end!

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