Monday, January 21, 2008

E-lair-wa's in the nursery

(Atti doesn't call her "Baby Law-a" anymore... he's progressed!)

Today Elora had her first day at child care. A momentous occasion. I spent most of the time there with her, though, so does it count? I reckon so - we still had to pay the fees!

She did pretty well, all told. Didn't sleep much (only half an hour!) but went to sleep fairly quickly with the carer patting her. I didn't have to go into the cot room at all. Atti was incredibly excited and pleased to have her at his "school" (as we call it). He happily accompanied her into the Nursery and gave her tonnes of great hugs (but he sure wasn't happy when it was time to go back to his own room).

How do I feel? Actually, a great sense of relief that the first day wasn't a complete disaster. I'm hoping tomorrow will be better. The teacher, Vanessa, said that she wants to concentrate on getting Elora to sleep for longer. That's the key, you know. Once a kid can sleep at child care you know they will be okay. Eating is the other main thing. And Elora's brilliant at that.

I'm also exhausted! I was so tired that I crashed on the couch as soon as we got home. Dan was off sick from work today but thankfully was feeling much better by the afternoon so was able to take over feeding duties. I'm going to make sure I get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight since tomorrow's going to be just as tiring.

Speaking of tomorrow, Dante's gone camping tonight and tomorrow with my parents and two of my brothers (and their families) down on the South Coast. It was a bit of a last minute decision on my parents' part, firstly to go and secondly to take D with them! It's amazing what a quiet night Dan and I have had without him around. His presence is certainly missed. I hope they have a nice time. I heard on the news tonight that today was the coldest January day in several years and tomorrow is going to be somewhat similar. Ack! Bad time for camping by the beach.

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