Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Warm warminess

Winter seems to be making its appearance around here lately. It's starting to get chilly.

But we have a great trick to ease the "climbing into icy cold bed" blues and I thought I'd share it. Because it's delightful. (Not as cosy as flannelette sheets but Dan won't have them!)
  1. Climb into bed and lie with your knees bent.
  2. Pull the covers over and make a cave with your arm at the entrance.
  3. Put a blowy heater in the opening.
  4. Bask in the warminess for a few minutes. Be careful not to block the vents of the blowy heater as it may over heat and switch off which means no warminess.
  5. Once you are warm, pull the heater away and pull the now warm sheets and blankets snug around you.
  6. Smile and congratulate yourself on your cleverness.
  7. Go to sleep in comfort.

Some people might tell you to get an electric blanket or something sensible like that. That might work. But it's not as fun!

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