Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Toothy happenings around here recently.

Elora has had seven teeth for the last 6 months at least but just got five more in the space of four weeks! Another one at the bottom front (four up top, three down bottom) plus her four first molars have come through. Things have been a bit miserable for her, the poor thing, but at least she'll be able to chew better.

I went to the dentist today (a follow up from an appointment last week) to get an "occipital splint" . It's like a mouth guard type thing that I have to wear at night because I grind my teeth. Erk. Hopefully it'll stop these constant killer headaches that have been plaguing me.

And finally, I took Dante for an overdue check-up as well. Eek. He has a hole in his tooth. One of his back molars that obviously hasn't been getting brushed properly. I can't believe it. He's only seven and he has to have a filling. I feel like a complete failure as a parent because of this. How could I let it get so far?

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