Sunday, June 08, 2008

Rockin' it at The Wiggles

At the end of last month I took Atti to see The Wiggles yet again. (I also took him just before Christmas to one of their concerts at the Sydney Entertainment Centre - big venue, lots of people. I really thought I'd blogged about that, but couldn't find the entry. Must have dreamt about blogging it!! There are some pictures of it here.)

This time it was a special concert in a much smaller venue and I managed to get tickets within an hour of them going on sale so got terrific seats (stalls, row G in the middle next to the central aisle). My sister-in-laws and nieces (Abi and Lori, similar ages to Atti) came as well.

We had such a wonderful time. The kids rocked! The Wiggles always put on a terrific show and this was so much better for the small venue. I took a few videos and pictures to show Dan afterwards. This one made us laugh our heads off. I had to share it!

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