Friday, June 06, 2008

Two sleeps to go

Dan's heading off to San Francisco on Saturday. Just two sleeps away! I'm absolutely dreading the next two weeks. So worried about looking after the kids by myself. Really, I have no cause to complain. My super helpful parents are just next door and willing to lend a hand (or more like an arm, no, a whole body)! I should be excited for Dan going off on another overseas adventure. I am. But tempered by the worry. I'm sure we will be fine and he will, too. He was having some passport issues but I'm sure it will all work out and he won't get sent home. That would be a real bummer.

So, anyway, thankfully I have plenty of crafty projects to keep me busy. Take tonight, for instance. It was a bit of a sneak peek into my evenings for the next two weeks. Dan crashed out in bed after the kids went to sleep so I sat myself down in front of a soppy chick flick (with Gerard Butler and the guy that plays Denny Duquette in Grey's Anatomy) and knitted to my heart's content.

Working on this Chevron Scarf as a gift for my niece, since her parents brought the book back for me from NY (where I had it shipped from Amazon). It's coming along nicely - has grown since I took this picture last week. I'm not quite sure how long to make a scarf for a wee lass but I reckon it should be done by the weekend. Then to start another for her sister! It's such an easy pattern but looks lovely. And they'll certainly have a use for them - the weather here in ol' Sydney town has been absolutely atrocious lately. Cold and wet. No good for laundry, but wonderful for our dams.

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