Friday, June 20, 2008

Craft Fair Booty

I finally managed to get the photos off the old camera so I can show you the treasures I got at the craft fair last week. Sorry about the poor quality of the pics - the camera ain't too crash hot these days.

Lovely, lovely 100% merino wool in a "Fingering" weight (made for socks, but can be used for anything!). Colinette Jitterbug from Sarah Durrant in a beautiful deep, dark purple colour (called "Velvet Bilberry" - what a great name!).

I've already started knitting this up into a neck warmer from here. So nice to knit with - the stitches look so even and perfect. I know it's the wool because my knitting's not that great!

Another skein of Colinette Jitterbug in a colourway called "Fire". It's bright - red, orange, pink. I love bright socks (to counter the dark dull colours I normally wear to work).

I can't remember which place I got this yarn from - it's not as smooth as the Jitterbug and has some Nylon content but should be okay. Jolly Jumbuck, colour "Spicy".

And some plain old 8 ply wool for a cardigan for myself. Huge 200g balls (I got three which is equivalent to 12 regular size balls - should be plenty). Bendigo Woollen Mills, "Classic" in colour "Cherry Red".


Some handmade fabric from a local gal called Saffron Craig. She had some cute stuff and I just got a small piece. I was going to go back but ran out of time.

Fat quarter bundle which my mother bought for me. I like the colour combination of chocolate brown, green, and dark red. It seems to catch my eye quite often these days.

Selection of fat quarters from the Garden Party range by Anna Maria Horner (except the one on the far right - not part of the range but I liked it anyway). Got these from Material Obsession, one of the few good quilting fabric stores in Sydney. All the really great ones - huge variety, lots of gorgeous fabrics from America and Japan - seem to be in Melbourne/Victoria! Almost every time I found a shop that I liked, they ended up being from interstate. Makes me want to start my own shop even more. Pipe dreams, eh?

And some of the "Flutterby" range by Tula Pink. I first saw this online somewhere and fell in love with it. So cute - little bugs everywhere, but craftily disguised.

So, anyway, that was about it. I also bought some cute Japanese linen tape (75cm of it) which I am imagining on a little red dress for Elora. The silly camera just would not focus on the pictures of little chickens and their foot prints. But when I eventually sew that dress you'll get to see it!

All in all I'm super happy with my purchases on the day. I ummed and ahhed over a lot of things and did resist quite a lot, knowing that so much of it can be bought online for so much cheaper. But you've got to support the local guys a bit, too, right?

Now to find time for all these projects! (The usual sad story)

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Gina said...

Hi Jen,

Arggghhhh, so guttered that I didn't manage to get to the show.. but think of next year with triple budget..haha

The wools are yummy, can't wait till you wear the next warmer to work! I agree with wearing something bright to work. It's healthy!!

The materials are wonderful as well, I loved the little bugs hidden in the pattern.

It looks like you are going to be a busy girl??? Enjoy!! you deserve it (considering your other half is over the moon with his legos??)