Monday, November 10, 2008

My latest craft infatuation

I've taken an interest in yet another type of craft lately... because I have SO much time to do it all!

This time it's origami. But not just the animal shape making that you usually see. I like making geometric shapes, out of lots of little modules. I like the portability of this craft - nothing needed but squares of paper and a flat surface to work on. And even the latter is optional!

It's actually not that hard - so I upped the difficulty by doing it in miniature. My paper is 50mmx50mm and I've just bought some smaller stuff - 40mmx40mm.

These two linked cubes are about 2½cm along the edges. Joining them up was a little tricky but fun! I can't wait to do more - I may even make a chain of them, perhaps...

(This last picture of the cubes with the iPod touch is just to give you an idea of size).

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Anonymous said...

can i know how u do it???