Friday, May 22, 2009

Gettin' my bake on

The oven has been running hot here, lately! (Arf, arf)

It started two weeks ago. A friend at work brought in scones for afternoon tea on Friday. Hmm... I love scones with jam and cream, if you recall. So that weekend (which incidentally happened to be the Mother's Day weekend) I made three batches of scones. They weren't great - the first batch had too much milk, the second was better but didn't rise as much, the third better still. But I had cream and jam and was going to take them down to tennis (our regular Sunday fortnight family tennis gathering) except that it poured rain. So we had three batches of ordinary scones to eat. Ack! I'll get better with practice, I'm sure. If we can face them again (of course I can!)

Then we had a cake stall at child care. I think my fifth or sixth? Getting better at organising them, I have to say. We had a terrific response from both parents and buyers. Lots of delicious treats to sell, lots of helping hands, lots of willing purchasers. We made about twice as much money as I expected - a resounding success. My contribution - a couple of dozen cupcakes and the same number of chocolate crackles (which were actually made by Dan!).

There was, of course, The Dinner. Incredibly, we had the kitchen pretty much completely cleaned up by mid-morning the next day. And on Sunday I couldn't shake the baking bug. I made banana+choc-chip cupcakes in the afternoon while the kids were napping, on a whim. From scratch, too :) Yay! They were delicious. Even my father said "not bad". Especially warm and fresh.

I didn't take any pictures, unfortunately.

I wonder when I'll lose the baking bug. Perhaps when I run out of flour?

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