Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Morning busy-ness

Today was the second day in a row I was up at 5am. Not just awake, but up and about. I'm starting to feel a little tired.

I am amazed at how much I did before work, though.

In point form:
  • Showered.
  • Drove my parents to the airport.
  • Got some dough out to rest before baking it.
  • Baked a small loaf of bread (I'll post about that soon).
  • Fed and dressed three children.
  • Cleaned out the bunny's cage.
  • Got ready for work.
  • Dropped the kids off at school/childcare.

Hmm. Looking at the list, it doesn't seem like a huge amount but really, it was a busy and productive morning! Dan helped get the kids dressed but he had to leave early for a presentation on the north shore.

And the worst part was that I was still late for work (although to their credit the boys were ready before 8am).

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