Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Red, red, red

For the third morning in a row I awoke at 5am, this time without my alarm clock! Still dark and quiet with the exception of the rattling of the fence by the wind. Not even the birds were up.

I pottered around, not sure what to do with myself for a while. Made a cup of tea. Played a game of Zuma's Revenge. Then I looked out the window towards next door. A deep red light was filtering through. What on earth? I thought it was my neighbour's light. But upon another look it was the sky!

I raced outside with the camera (of course). The colours in the photos have NOT been altered in any way. Check out the flourescent light in my kitchen above. And here's the view from my bedroom window.

And just for reference, here's the view from my bedroom window on a normal day.


Edited to add (7:10am):
Now the sun is up and the sky is a little less red. More orangey-yellow. The boys both woke up astonished at the sight. Atti said to me, "I went outside [to go next door] and the sky was all orange!" The downside to all this amazing light is that now EVERYTHING is covered in a fine layer of red dust. Ah, a little bit of Central Australia come to our door.


Sheridan said...

Oh that's cool that you have a photo to compare it to!

I can't take any antihistamines because I am still nursing Emmeline!!!

Shanathalas said...

I sure hope its all cleared by the time we fly into Sydney tomorrow morning.

We'll be seeing you the week afterwards!

A Sydney Foodie said...

Uh... more like: that's our topsoil that's just blown out to sea.