Friday, November 06, 2009

Those three munchkins: no. 1

It's been a while since I've done an update on what the kids are up to these days. This pic was from our zoo trip during the school holidays, a few weeks ago now.

Dante: 8 years, 7 months

Eight years going on fifteen. A boy full of attitude, but still very sensitive and prone to tears every once in a while. Topped his class (or so he tells me) in the standard testing earlier this year - our school did not do quite as well as other inner-west Sydney schools, actually below the national average - but the boy did well, way above school and national average. But you all knew he was pretty bright. Loves reading. Fantasy novels mainly, at the moment. Fast, too!

He's still learning piano, now with a second lesson every Tuesday with a different teacher (at school!) who is helping him along with the exam stuff that he learns with his regular teacher. Tennis lessons on Wednesday afternoons. Gymnastics on Mondays. Last term he also attended his Extension Classes but we decided to give them a miss this term - too busy in the lead up to christmas!

He's in Yr 3 at school, but a composite 3/4 class. A brilliant teacher this year: tall, assertive, energetic, friendly, enthusiastic (good looking... am I allowed to say that?) Tall is good - he has a looming presence over the kids (and me!) - but he never yells at them, is always calm and collected. His routines and schedules have worked wonders with the boy. Dante has also calmed down incredibly this year. He has made a new best friend, Will, who is in Yr 4 and surprisingly never been in a class with D before. Another great calming influence!

He has an interesting time with his siblings. There is definitely a rivalry with Atticus there. I can't see why it's there. Boys? The age difference? Sometimes they will get on famously but more often it seems like he spends his energy teasing or taunting his brother. He is quite good with Elora - doesn't tend to stir her up too much. I wonder if it will increase or decrease as she gets older and more assertive. At the moment she is a very willing participant in anything her two big brothers are doing. I hope as Atti matures that Dante will become a more protective and caring brother.

And Dante has grown, physically. Now up to my shoulders - won't be long before he's up to my chin, my eyes, my head! Look at this comparison - the last time we went to the zoo in 2006.

I can't deny that it hasn't been an easy year, or five. It has been hard work. At times he just makes me want to scream! I joke about boarding school... half joking sometimes. He is too much like me - I am too much like my father. He and I still have our arguments (and shouting matches) but they seem to be lessening lately. I hope. I guess we are both growing up.


Well, that's taken me all day to write. I will continue with the other two tomorrow.

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