Monday, November 09, 2009

Those three munchkins: no. 2

Atticus: 4 years, 9 months

Middle child and boy does he show it! Everything I read about middle children fits Atticus perfectly.

Middle children are the most enigmatic. The direction they take is most strongly influenced by their next older sibling. They realize quickly, however, that they are not able to do most things as well as their older sibling, because they are littler and less adept. They most often try to differentiate themselves from their older sibling, for example by being athletic if their older sibling is not, or academic if he is. They may resort to bad behavior in order to get more of their parents' attention, under the rationale that even negative attention is better than no attention. Or, they may realize self-importance within their social sphere, and become less dependent on the family for attention. Either way, what most middle children need most is more attention.

Atti is independent when he wants to be. He is incredibly observant and resourceful (he'll notice where the yummy snacks are kept and happily help himself, even if it involves climbing and trickery to get it). He looks up to his big brother immensely but plays more with his little sister. He is wonderful with Elora (most of the time).

But when I recently asked his preschool teacher to describe his behaviour, in one word it was "terrible!" (She wasn't cross or annoyed about it - just a matter of fact). It's not entirely his fault. He is still on his anti-convulsant medication which has very a well known side effect of adversely affecting behaviour. He has terrible outbursts of anger and won't co-operate unless he's interested (and often has to be coerced into joining in... bad when it's a fire drill at school). But other days he is perfect. We had a very thorough appointment with the paediatrician last week and are gradually starting to take him off his meds - over a period of three months! Hopefully he will improve, in time for starting "big school" next year.

Otherwise, he is a very funny kid. He has a great sense of humour and an intrinsic coolness about him. The way he moves, the way he just doesn't care (which can also be extremely frustrating at times). He still loves his toy dog but his interests have started to expand - cars are his thing now. "Hot Wheels" cars are awesome. And he will happily sit down and draw for ages. He has a good ear for music - I've often heard him singing songs after only one hearing (that I'm aware of). He can write his name at last (something he can do earlier than his brother due to preschool, I guess) but he prefers to write just "Atti"... because "he doesn't like the 'Kiss' bit" (as his teacher told us).

I love this recent artwork.

He can almost ride a two-wheeler bike - the training wheels are still there but often go unused. Loves his scooter. And he's tough. Big bumps are dealt with by a shake of the head or a quick rub of the affected area - no tears (unless he's super tired). He loves carrot sticks and french onion dip and would eat it all day every day if we let him. Otherwise he can be a bit fussy with food. Still needs a daytime nap most days. Still wears pull-ups at night-time but seems to be almost ready to stop using them (fingers crossed!).

I find it hard to believe that next year he'll be starting Kindergarten but at the same time I am excited about what improvements the new year will bring. The recent months have been filled with constant worry but at last I am full of hope for him.

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Kitty4777 said...

I can't stop looking at his art! It's really cool. It reminds me of snails and dinosaurs and having fun!

-Random girl in america :)