Friday, January 15, 2010

New kid in town

A week and a half ago we lost our dear pet, Flopsy. We'd only had him for 5 or 6 months and had just gotten to know him and love him.

We weren't sure if we could face another rabbit, but the kids were keen and we had the food and the set up already. But we were still thinking. Then a friend got in contact - her brother had found a bunny lost in the bushland near his house (but still in suburban Sydney) and he was looking for a good home for him.

How could we resist? THIS is the way to gain pets. They come to us - we don't buy them from shops. Here was an animal in need of good home, not a baby (which are much easier to sell), but fully grown.

So we went and got him.

He's still quite timid, still getting to know us. He's very different to Flopsy, who was also a found rabbit but younger, I think. Definitely ate a lot more and got to know his way around (bossing us and the cats around) quite quickly. But slowly this new guy is getting there.

And his name is Barney... (sounds like "bunny" - get it??).
Some videos are on my flickr account. More pics to follow.

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A Sydney Foodie said...

Glad that you guys had the luck for another bunny to find you. Hopefully the rabbit proof fence stays rabbit proof this time.