Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Routines begin once more

While it's still technically school holidays here, Dan and I have both been back at work for a week and a half, Elora recommenced child care last Friday and today the boys went back to "school". Vacation care on the school premises, to be precise.

And that's it for our summer holiday. Short and quick. Things are still fairly relaxed - there's no HUGE need to get to school by 9am and the traffic is still not too busy, even in peak hour. But I think it's great that we're getting back into our daily routine so that once school does go back we'll be settled!

The only difference this year is that we'll be getting TWO lunch boxes ready in the morning instead of just one like the last four years! Atticus is so excited and happy with his brand new lunch box identical to his big brother's except that it's green. (And now Dante wants a green one too. Blargh!)

Two more weeks until "big" school begins!

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