Thursday, April 15, 2010

A colourful wedding

Our dear friends Red Bec (as opposed to "Auntie Bec") and Joel got married on the Easter long weekend. A much more informal affair than my sister-in-law's the week before but no less enjoyable and happy!

Things I loved about this wedding:
  • It was a late afternoon event, not too late for the kids (and boy there were a lot of young kids)!

  • The bride wore a bright green dress and no shoes, and the groom had an equally bright red shirt. Love the colours.

  • At the ring-exchanging part of the ceremony the celebrant asked, "Does the best man have the pen?"... The couple drew a bow around each others' fingers instead!

  • There was not just one wedding cake. Instead the couple had asked some friends and family to bring a cake so there were many to choose from for dessert.

  • The kids were well thought of. A "Kids' play area" was set up with a drawing station and playdough and and other toys.

Thanks so much, Bec and Joel! It was a wonderful afternoon/evening. More pics in my flickr set.

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