Monday, April 05, 2010

New life starting

Here be the window sill of my "hand washing room". (As Captain Feathersword would say. And the kids.)

On the right is my African Violet plant.

I've had one there since we moved into this house. My mother-in-law bought the first. It died last year. Then we bought a bunch of plants as gifts for the carers at child care. A couple of big leaves broke off one of them and it didn't look gift-worthy any more, so we kept it.

So pretty.

Here's one of the broken-off leaves. My mother told me to stick it in a pot and water it to keep it alive.

And three months later, more than three months later, something has finally started to happen. The start of a shoot appeared just at the base of the leaf. Can you see it?

I don't know if I'm more amazed at this growth from virtually nothing, or the fact that I was able to keep the leaf alive long enough for it to sprout. I'm very proud, in any case.

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K said...

There's something about purple african violets. I had one that travelled around various rental houses in the Inner West. It flowered sporadically, often when a major life change was immanent, and I think it finally died just before I moved house.

I miss it. I wonder if they thrive in English houses?