Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Burns on two wheels (mostly)

My kids are addicted to screens. The boys especially. I think, perhaps, they may not be the only ones in the world who are affected by this problem.

So I try to make sure they have some screen-free time every day. Not just while they're sleeping, and especially during the holidays. Every afternoon from 2 o'clock they have electronics-free time for two hours or so. And Sundays are No Computer Sundays in our house.

Yesterday I took it a step further and took the family out for a bike ride. Elora got her own bike (with training wheels) for Christmas - she's been super eager to use it (more than just around the back yard) - and it means that we can now utilise the fantastic bike paths around our suburb as a family. The most surprising part was that even Atticus was willing to come. He is usually reluctant to do ANYTHING that involves leaving the house (except going to school, and if he can bring his iPod).

The park wasn't far - would usually take me about twenty five minutes to walk there - but it was sunny and hot and it was the middle of the day. We got there eventually, after many rest stops. These guys needs more exercise! After a pleasant lunch, some sitting around in the shade and playing on the flying fox, we rode home, almost perishing from the heat. Funny how the trip home always seems so much faster.

Not an overly exciting excursion now that I look back at this post, but the start, I hope, of more adventures on two wheels (plus a couple).

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