Wednesday, January 01, 2014

To do: 2014

It appears 2013 went by and not even a whisper came from me to this place of writing. I'll try to post some more about it if I can, but in short:

- I started (another) new job in January
- It's permanent
- I've really enjoyed the year learning the ropes and getting to know the team
- It was four days/week but I'll be full time from 2014 onwards
- Dante started high school in 2013
- It was a challenge at the start - no one from his primary school went to his new high school - but he'd settled by the end of the year
- He grew over six inches in height over the course of the year
- He's doing well there academically too
- Atticus has seriously come out of his shell now that he's out of his brother's shadow at school
- It's such a relief
- Elora is a star in her class, loved by all
- It was the year for her birthday party
- She won the Citizenship Award at the end of year Assembly
- Her school report said "future SRC material"
- I went away to Craft Camp twice this year
- Did some sewing and knitting and crocheting
- Made plans for many more craft projects
- Enrolled in a Certificate IV TAFE course (online delivery)
- Blinked and the year was over

So now I'm putting myself on the road to hell, as the saying goes, as I am full of good intentions for 2014. Resolutions, even. And once again in point form, in no particular order:

- Sew more clothes for myself. I've been pretty happy with the few things I've made and can't wait to make more.
- Sew more in general
- Run. I did the City2Surf a few years ago and loved it. Then I hurt my knee and can't run much any more. Gonna try and get that sorted out.
- Start/finish my TAFE course. I enrolled but I haven't started!
- Read more
- Write more

Umm. I'm sure I had a lot more in my head when I started writing this but of course now they've gone. Or maybe they just don't seem as important now as they did at the time. I think I've listed plenty to keep me busy!

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