Monday, September 24, 2007

Toilet training begins!

We've been a bit lax about toilet training, but last week Atti's teacher at child care told me that he's been sitting on the toilet there, so the time has come for us to toilet train him. You'd think I'd know what to do since I have an older son. Heh. You're wrong! Dante was toilet trained pretty much entirely at child care - we didn't really need to do anything! One day I went to pick him up and they said, just as an aside, "Oh, by the way, he's wearing undies." I was flabbergasted! And that was that.

So, now that we've recovered from our short excursion, I figured we'd better get to it. Today was our first day. Atti was actually very cooperative and happy to sit on the loo. I was very nervous about accidents on the carpet so we spent most of the day outside or in the back dining area (wooden floors). He had three accidents, one of them when I was putting Elora to bed. Not too bad, I reckon. We'll see how things go.

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