Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Concert in the Sydney Town Hall

Tonight Dante performed with his school's Junior Choir on stage at the Sydney Town Hall. The concert was the Dept of Education's Primary Proms and consisted mainly of a huge choir made up of kids from Yrs 3-6 from various schools. However, interspersed between their songs were performances from particular schools... I think about 5 of these special acts.

Amazingly, our little Junior Choir won one of these places. Judging from the wording (and the number of exclamation marks) on the note from school I think even the choir teacher was surprised! I didn't realise what a feat this was until we were actually there tonight.

When we first arrived, there were hundreds of children milling about outside, lining up and all dressed alike. These were the "Primary Proms Combined Choir" kids. And then I spotted our little group, in their bright red school uniform shirts. There were only about a dozen or so of them and they were clearly a lot younger than everyone else.

The concert began and most of the groups were from late primary school. Then they announced our guys. Our Year 1 and 2 kids trooped onto stage in their costumes. Some looked confident. Some looked terrified. Some looked shell shocked. Dante was in the last group. Their teacher sat at the piano and started playing. And they sang! And performed their actions! And (in my totally unbiased opinion) they stole the show. They received the loudest cheers of the night (but maybe that was because I was surrounded by our parents). We laughed and were so proud.

You know, it was weird to see Dante looking small. He's so BIG in our house! It's good to have reminders that he is still just a little boy, really, once in a while.

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