Monday, October 01, 2007

School holidays starting

School holidays are suddenly upon us yet again. Ack. That means we're in the last quarter of the year. I'll be back at work before we know it. Not really too keen on that idea.

Anyway, I'm super happy because Dan has decided to take the entire two weeks off from work so we can have nice family time at home! Yay! I might have time to catch up on the billion little tasks I've been meaning to do since I went on maternity leave! And do some sewing, too!

The past weekend has been nice. On Friday my two nieces Jasmine and Lorien came over for the day. Atti was a little out of sorts, tired from two days at child care, I think. He absolutely refused to go to the toilet (even though he had NO accidents at all on Thursday) but I didn't force the issue. My mother cooked a lamb roast for dinner. Yum! I made a zucchini slice and the kids devoured it! I was so happy - a great way to get veges into Atti.

Lorien's second birthday party was on Saturday (two weeks delayed). My brother brought over a wonderful jumping castle and the kids pretty much spent all day on it, except for lunch and dessert time. Everybody had a wonderful time, and we probably ate way too much, as usual.

While this was happening, my brothers and I anxiously worked on getting together family photos (including scanning in old ones) to put together a photo book for my parents. There was a freebie in a magazine that we wanted to take advantage of and stupidly (but not unpredictably) left it to the last day to finish off. We had photo albums everywhere and were using my parents' scanner and computer all day, coming in and out of their study. And we were trying to keep it a secret from them!! Well, we got it done, after a bit of stress. I can't wait to see it. Dan and I made one for his mother as well. I was desperately trying to put one together for ourselves, too, but ran out of time (I assume the offer expired at midnight). Oh well. It was fun looking through the old pictures. In fact, here's one of Dan and I a long, long time ago. Back in our previous lives (pre-kids)!

Now, off to bed.

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