Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Super Dante and Action Atti

It was amazing. The two boys actually played together nicely the other morning. I was astonished. It was delightful.

They played superheroes. Got stuck into the dressup box and caped it up. The toys also got capes. Dante gave them superhero names.

At first they ran around the house killing the bad guys.

"Kill, kill, kill!"
"Hey, Dante, super heroes don't go around killing people."
"But it's just the bad guys."
"No, they just arrest them and put them in gaol. It's not nice to kill people or things. You know, super heroes do other things, too. They help people. Rescue animals. That sort of thing. Please don't teach Atti to kill things."
"Okay, Mama... Hey, Atti! There's a cat stuck up in that tree! We need to fly there and rescue it!"

So then they ran around the house rescuing cats from trees. Much better.


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wulf said...

Thats adorable.

However, have they pursued the Evil Hypnotist line of work? Apparently theres work after all and they could just get the cat down from the tree with very little work. See here