Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Pyramid pin cushions

On Sunday morning my sister-in-law happened to see me hand some pins over to my mother and was reminded that she'd lost her pin cushion. She asked if I had a spare but unfortunately I didn't. So told her I'd make her one!

I decided to go with a pyramid shape, perhaps because it was easier? Dan and I used our Pure Maths degrees to figure out the dimensions (I wanted it to stand roughly as high as the base was wide)... 2.5" square, 2.5" x 3" x 3" triangles. (Yes, I know I'm using silly imperial measurement instead of proper metric, but that's what the quilting world uses and all my tools are measured in inches).

Once I cut out my template, it didn't take long to put the thing together. I even chose the fabrics in a flash. I was enthusiastic about this new, simple, fast project and wanted to get it done before they left in the late afternoon. It came out beautifully and I proudly presented it to appropriate awe and delight.

Anyway, I was so happy with how easily and simply the project went (and how much Elora enjoyed chewing on it) that I decided to make myself a couple more. Cut the pieces out on Sunday night, sewed them together yesterday afternoon, stuffed and finished them off tonight.

And, wha-lah! (How does one spell that?) Here they are.

Yay! It feels so good to complete something, especially when I've got so many projects planned, or in progress... Things have been getting away from me lately and I've been feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. It feels good to make things with my own hands. Speaking of which, Elora's cardigan is pretty much done. I've just got to find some ribbon to sew on (instead of button holes) and that's it. The fabric flap is on, the buttons sewn. I'll take a picture of her in it soon.


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