Monday, October 01, 2007

It's going to be a hot summer

30°C today, and we're half way through Spring. Doesn't bode well for the coming summer... It was a reminder of how much I hate the upstairs of this house on hot days. I think we have what's called a gable roof, with three dormers. The front faces north and the roof tiles act like heat sinks. The air inside the roof space heats up incredibly, and half the upstairs walls are adjacent to this area. We have some access doors and when you open them, it is like opening an oven door. Means that the temperature upstairs is always higher than downstairs and sometimes hotter than outside! It can be utterly unbearable. A real problem.

Anyway, today was a kick up the bottom to get my act together and do something about it! I've got some ideas of how we can cool the place down without air conditioning, but I think A/C is inevitable, much to my dismay. Since Atti had his convulsions, I'm extra cautious about the kids overheating.

However, having said all that, it was lovely to spend some time outside in the warmth (and get the washing dry even though I didn't hang it out until after lunch). Dante has gone to a friend's place for a sleepover tonight so we had an unusually quiet evening (although Atticus tried very hard to make up for it). Tomorrow we'll take him and his cousins to a movie.


Shanathalas said...

You're talking about the #1 reason we moved from Sydney. And we handle the heat considerably less well than Dan and you do.

Tancred said...

Edinburgh had a hot summer this year. The hottest day peaked at 26 :)