Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sending kids away

We're nearing the end of the school holidays. I don't know whether to feel happy or sad about it. I think it's more the latter... It's been lovely having Dan at home almost every day. Dante and I, however, are driving each other crazy. The other day my sister-in-law (recipient of the pin cushion) offered to take him for a sleepover. I was a bit concerned about how he would behave for them (she's got three girls (4 months, 2 and almost 5) to look after as well) but Dan said it would be good for him to get out, and for us to spend some time away from each other! Oh well. So Dante is off and we had a nice quiet evening (and will have a quiet day tomorrow, probably).

Atti went to child care today (and tomorrow, as per usual). I feel a bit bad that we send him to child care when the rest of the family stays at home... I always feel like we're abandoning him, leaving him out. You'd think I'd be used to this by now since we sometimes leave him behind when he's napping, provided grandparents are available to keep an ear out! The thing is, we are so much more productive when we shop without him. Dante can get annoying, asking for things constantly, but can also be very helpful depending on his mood. Atti will sit in the pram for a short while but after that time expires he needs entertaining (i.e. chasing after or feeding snacks)... cuts into valuable shopping time.

Today we went out to Ikea in the afternoon. Went a little crazy. Bought a wodge of stuff, none of it really that expensive... but it certainly does add up! I bought a bunch of fabrics. It's getting to be a bit of an addiction these days. A yard here, a metre there. The new fabric section of Ikea is so nifty! The usual piles of fabric, but you get to measure and cut it yourself (and then the staff put the price on it afterwards). They didn't even check to make sure it was right! Anyway, I'm pleased as punch and can't wait to plan out new sewing projects.

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lillipilli said...

I'm with you on Ikea. I always end up with more than I went for.