Saturday, October 13, 2007

Rescuing a baby bird

Dan took Dante out for a walk this afternoon and came back telling us to come to the park.

What for?

He found this at the bottom of a tree!

It's a baby Australian Noisy Miner bird, obviously fallen out of its nest. Its parents swooped down upon Dan as he tried to rescue it. We couldn't get it back into the nest but at least it was off the ground in the fork of the tree, safe from dogs (but perhaps not cats).

I hope it survives. Such a cutie!


bez said...


(P.S. It's actually a Noisy Miner. You've already got at least one noisy minor.)

wulf said...

Poor little thing. Lucky you guys found it.

If you couldn't have returned it to the tree, you can always call my Dad. He rescues mostly birds, but animals for WIRES (

Jen said...

Hehe. Thanks for the correction, Bez. I've now edited the post. No wonder I couldn't find much information when I searched for "australian noisy minor"!

Also, thanks for the WIRES info, Jaime. I'd forgotten about that organisation!